This was the third night in a row where I saw him with his face pressed against my window staring into my bedroom with that creepy smile. His hand waving back at me as I sat up from my bed. That was it, I had enough at this point. I didn’t even wake up my wife this time. I stood up, grabbed the shotgun that I already had loaded and in my closet and stormed toward my front door. If the cops couldn’t do anything the past two nights, I guess I had to do things the hard way. I pushed open the front door and pumped my shotgun.

“Listen here you freak!” I screamed as I walked off my porch. As I circled around the house toward my bedroom window he was gone, nowhere to be seen. I screamed out into the night. “The next time I see you I’ll put a slug right into your chest!”

My bedroom light flicked on as I screamed out at the punk. I looked into the window expecting to see my wife looking at me. But there he was again, waving at me with a bloody knife in his hand, and a red-stained yellow face as he grinned from ear to ear.


Team Bus Ride

Marco was struggling to fall asleep unlike the rest of his team. Falling asleep on a bus was never something that he never could do. He stood up from his seat and looked around the bus. It looked like everyone was asleep except for him, including his coach. Heck, even the bus driver looked like he was half asleep. Marco figured he might as well watch a movie or something since he clearly wasn’t getting any shut-eye anytime soon. He pulled out his phone and scanned through some of the movies that he downloaded onto his phone for the team trip. He looked out the window and up at the moon and decided on a scary movie to fit the atmosphere of the night. The woods to the side of the bus were hardly illuminated by the street lights and the full moon. The bus slowed to a stop, and Marco looked out to the front of the bus and wondered why there was a traffic light in a place like this, out in the middle of nowhere.

Tap, tap, tap.

Marco jumped up in fright from the tapping noise on his window. He cupped his hand to the window and there was a man. A homeless-looking man in battered up clothes standing right next to the bus. The man waved at Marco. Marco in shock, and unsure of how to respond waved back. The traffic light turned green and the bus drove off leaving the man behind. “That was a bit creepy,” Marco thought to himself.

After Marco shook off the thought of the man he popped his earbuds in and started playing his movie. He rested his head against the window and after a few minutes, he finally felt his eyes getting heavy. The bus came to a stop again, this time at a 4-way stop sign.

Tap, tap, tap.

Marco snapped up again. There was the man again, standing outside the window waving at him again. “How the hell?” Marco muttered to himself. As the bus started to pull away from the intersection, the man started jogging next to the bus. Except, the man only looked like he was jogging. The bus was easily going at least 55 miles per hour, and here was this man trotting next to the bus side by side with it all while staring back at Marco. Marco didn’t notice it before because of how dark it was, but as the man ran underneath each passing street light he noticed that the lower half of the man’s body was some sort animal. It was as if it had the upper body of a man, and the lower half was that of a dog of some sort.

Marco turned to his teammate Alex who was sitting beside him. “Alex,” Marco shook him awake and he groaned. “Alex, look at this guy out the window.” Marco turned to show him the man running beside the bus, but when he turned back to look he was gone. Nothing was there.

“Marco, what?” Alex replied groggily as he rubbed his eyes. Marco cupped his hands to the window and looked out. Nothing was in sight.

“Uhh.. nothing. Nevermind sorry.”



Lewis tossed the covers off himself frustratedly. He’s been having more sleepless nights than he could count as of late. On the bright side, he didn’t have to work in the morning so it didn’t really matter when his brain decided to give him some rest. His pit bull, Harley, perked her head up and let out a small whimper as he lifted himself to the side of the bed.

“Come here girl,” he whispered as he held out his hand to her. She jumped up from her doggy bed and met his hand with her neck. Lewis scratched behind her ears as she placed her head in his lap. “You wanna go outside for a bit?” Harley let out a happy grumble in agreement. Lewis stood up from the bed and threw on his slippers. Harley ran to the back door excitedly as Lewis followed behind. She let out a few excited barks as he approached.

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” he replied to her. He clicked open the latch, unlocking sliding glass door and slid it open. She ran out into the dark and Lewis followed her onto the patio. As Harley ran to do her business in the night, Lewis pulled his pack of Camels out and popped a cigarette into his mouth. He lit it and pulled in a drag of the warm smoke. The night sky was riddled with stars. Ever since he moved from the city, the light pollution made the stars so much prettier, which was something he got to see every night now like when he was a kid. Harley was running around the edge of the woods behind his house. As Lewis pulled in another drag from his cigarette, Harley stopped and started growling at the edge of the woods.

Lewis shouted to her, “come on girl! Come on back.” Harley ignored him and continued to growl at the edge of the woods. “What the hell is she growling at?” he mumbled to himself. He pulled in another drag as he stepped off the patio and started to approach his pup at the edge of the woods. “Harley, come on!”

A voice echoed back at him from the woods. A deep voice, an eerily recognizable voice. “Come on girl! Come on back.” Lewis stopped in confusion. He turned over his shoulder and looked back at his house. No, that voice definitely was coming from the woods. Harley let out a whimper and backed up a bit as she started barking into the woods. Lewis pulled the cigarette from his mouth and ran to Harley. He stopped next to her and grabbed her collar.

“What is it girl, what do you see?” Lewis looked into the woods trying to peer beyond the pitch black edge of the woods. The deep voice emerged from the woods again. This time the voice was much lower and raspy, as if this person had strep throat that was infected with globs of phlegm.

“What is it girl, what do you see?” the voice replied.

“Who’s there?” Lewis shouted still peering into the woods.

Behind a large tree about ten yards away something slunk out from behind it. It was on all fours and moved like a wounded insect. The thing emerged from the shadows and stood up on its hind legs. This thing was naked, it had the body of a human except its arms and legs were longer than usual. Its fingers looked as if they could fully wrap around a basketball, and the creature’s hind legs contorted into a cross between a horse and a human. It held its face low and slowly raised it up. The face that the monster wore was the exact same face that Lewis had. It was as if Lewis was looking at himself in the mirror but with the body of a monster.

“Who’s there?” the monster asked. Lewis was frozen in fear. The cigarette fell from his mouth and into the grass as Harley was whining and rearing back ready to run away at any moment. All Harley was waiting for was her master to give the command to run. Just as Lewis felt he mustered up the strength to run back to his house the monster started to move. It stepped backward, slinking back behind the tree. It dropped down to its front arms, growled with what looked like a mimic of Harley’s and crept back into the edge of the woods.

Lewis slammed the sliding door shut and latched the lock. His heart was pounding in his chest like a blacksmith beating an anvil with a hammer. He ran to his room and grabbed the 12 gauge from his closet. He loaded his rounds into it and sat at the back door staring back into the woods. Looks like he wasn’t getting any sleep tonight after all. On the plus side, the creature was never seen by him again.



There he was, my sweet loving husband sleeping in his recliner with the TV on as usual. That stupid, stupid, chair that he just HAD to pick up. What a pathetic man. I couldn’t even believe I allowed myself to marry this swine of a human being. I guess it really was only a matter of time before I couldn’t take it anymore. My brother was right.

I thought about running away, but that simply just isn’t an option. I can’t run from my kids, and unfortunately, they can’t run with me. Their lives are here, their family is here, it’s just impossible to leave. This seemed to be the only option, and to be honest, it’s best for the entire family.

I looked down at divorce forms that I left on the table. I planned on handing these to him tonight. I peeked around the hallway at the stairs. The kids seemed to be fast asleep. I stepped closer to my husband and took aim with the shotgun that was shaking in my hands. I pumped the gun and my husband woke. He stared down the barrel of a gun being pointed at him by his wife.


The woman on the line answered the call, “911 what’s your emergency?”

“Yes, I uhh. I think.. I think my husband committed suicide.”


Early Birthday Present

“C’mon Selena, we have to go to the bank so we can have your 8th birthday party tomorrow.” Selena pulled open the door to the car and hopped into her booster seat.

“Can I get a lollipop?”

“As long as you’re good the entire time.”

“I will. I want the butterscotch flavor!”

“I can ask if they have any. Now buckle up.”

After driving a couple of miles through the city, the rusty black Honda Civic pulled into the bank. Selena unbuckled herself as her mother walked around the car to let her daughter out.

“Remember, you have to be good the whole time to get the lollipop.”

“I will mommy.”

Selena grabbed her mother’s hand as they walked across the parking lot and into the bank, which was busy as usual. Everyone was trying to sneak in their visit to the bank before the weekend. Selena and her mother waited in line as the two bank tellers called people to them one by one. Selena was starting to get impatient but stood still and didn’t make a peep. She really wanted her butterscotch lollipop. Finally, they were called up and her mother leaned against the counter. Selena looked out the big glass doorways into the parking lot. She could see her reflection perfectly in the slightly tinted windows. Passed her reflection, there was a man in the parking lot with tattered clothes. He was approaching the doors with a pistol in his hand. Selena tugged on her mom’s shirt.

“Mommy… Mommy!” Selena shouted.

“Selena, I told you that you need to be-”

“Mommy, that man has a-”

The man shouldered the door open and immediately fired two shots into the ceiling. “Everyone drop to the floor now!” Some people hesitated, some dropped the seconds the shots were fired. “Now! Or else one of these bullets will be neatly placed into the back of your head!”

Selena’s mother grabbed her daughter’s wrist and pulled her down to the floor. The man pointed his gun at her. “You, take this bag and tell the clerk behind the counter to fill it up.” The man tossed her a large black duffle bag. Selena’s mother nodded shakily, grabbed it from the floor and placed it on the counter. She stared at the clerk and pushed the bag over to her.

“Faster!” the man shouted as he approached her. The clerk starting shoving wads of cash into the duffle in a panic. The man looked down at Selena and grabbed her arm, yanking her up. He then pushed the gun into Selena’s head. “You better pick up the pace or this one is gonna get it.”

The clerk ran to the other kiosk and popped it open. “Mommy..” Selena croaked, tears welling up in her eyes.

“It’s okay baby, look at me. Everything is going to be okay,” her mother responded, trying to soothe her.

Just as the clerk finished filling the bag and started zipping it back up, the man pointed the gun at the clerk. “Give it to me, now! Hurry-” the man’s wrist was whacked with a wooden cane by a man that snuck up behind him. The gun clacked out of his hand and onto the floor. The man swung with the cane again at his head. The robber blocked the blow with his forearm, yanked the cane out of the man’s hand and swung it back at him. He connected with the side of his head, knocking the man out. The robber dropped the cane and looked down at the floor for the gun. He turned around and there was the girl, standing there shaking with the pistol in her hands.

“Girl, give that back. Selena took a few steps back with the gun quivering in her hands. The man held out his hand. “Give it to me, and I won’t hurt you. Selena continued to back up, her entire body trembling. “GIVE IT TO ME!” The man screamed and lunged at her. Selena closed her eyes and screamed. There was a loud bang, and her ears were ringing.

She opened her eyes and the man was falling forwards towards her. His body collapsed onto the floor in front of her. His wide-open eyes looked up at her, with a blood-filled hole in his forehead. Blood dripped down his face onto the floor which puddled up under his body. Selena dropped the gun and covered her mouth in shock with her trembling hands. She looked up to her mother, who was also shaking in shock. Selena then saw her reflection in the big glass doors at the entrance. Her face and clothes were stained with a large splatter of the man’s blood. Selena didn’t remember much of the rest of the day other than being rushed to the hospital, and her mother giving her the lollipop she wanted.



My son was crying again. My eyes refused to open as the baby monitor echoed with his wailing. Apparently, he had no intention of allowing anyone in the house to sleep tonight. Just as I was about to get up I could hear my wife humming and my son’s cries quieted a bit. The creak of the rocking chair began as my wife started to rock my restless son and began humming to him. I could hear her hushes and hums between his wails. I grabbed my pillow placed it over my head and rolled over in the bed violently trying to muffle the cries. I hit a lump in the bed next to me.

“Honey, could you go to him this time?” My wife’s voice whispered next to me. I snapped my eyes open and hurled my torso up, flinging the blanket off my body. I turned and looked at the baby monitor, then looked back down to my wife next to me. My son was crying, the rocking chair was creaking, and the voice in my son’s room was still humming. I leapt out of bed as fast as I could and I was at my son’s bedroom door shouldering it open in a matter of seconds. My son was lying on his back in the rocking chair, which was still slightly wobbling. I picked up my shrieking son, trying to soothe him by bouncing him as I held him to my chest. Suddenly, the bedroom door behind me slammed shut.

short story

Dear Abby

I spun my dad’s pistol around on my desk as I drummed my other hand against the palm rest of my laptop. I could feel beads of sweat forming on my spine, I bounced my leg nervously, and the taste of iron touched my tongue as a bit my lip. I re-read the letter that I wrote, my final outcry for help. Unsure of who to even ask for help besides her.


Dear Abby,

My parents got a divorce a couple of years ago and my mother has since then gotten in a relationship with this man. He has been repeatedly abusive towards my mother. Not only mentally, but physically as well. He never does anything in front of me but it is pretty easy to connect the dots. Bruises have appeared on my mother’s arms, legs, and very recently, her face. She refuses to admit that it is him, and as a teen in high school, I feel powerless in this situation.

I have thought about reporting this to the police, yet if she refuses to say anything it will only create more problems. I’m afraid that if I tell anyone that he may hurt my mother even worse, or even myself. I’ve thought about confronting him myself about it, yet I have no idea how he will react if I do. CONCERNED SON.


I scoffed at my own letter. What a stupid idea, to think that she could actually provide any help in this situation. I stood up from my chair and gripped the pistol with my sweaty palm.