The Waiting Room

The nurse popped open the door and called out my name, “Jaime?” I stood up from my seat and everyone else in the waiting room glanced up at me. I followed the nurse behind the door and into a room. “The doctor will be seeing you in a couple minutes,” the nurse said as she closed the door behind her.

I hopped up onto the examination table, crumpling the long sheet of paper that was pulled over it. The light on the ceiling was abnormally bright as I twiddled my thumbs. I reached for my phone in my pocket then realized that it wasn’t there. Hmm.. must have left it in the car?

The doctor opened up the door looking at a clipboard. He itched his scruffy gray beard as he fidgeted a pen around in his mouth. “So.. Jaime. A stroke huh?”


“That’s how you died. Says right here on my records, a stroke.”

“Wait wait, what I uhh.. Died? What?”

“Yes Jaime. You’re dead. Just konked out in your living room. They’re taking you to the hospital now.”

“No no I’m not dead, then what am I doing here in the hospital right now?”

“You aren’t in a hospital. You created this, I’m not a doctor, this is all a creation of yours from up here.” The doctor said, tapping his temple.

“What? Then who are you?”

“A figment of your imagination, the universe, everything, most humans just call me God.”


“Yeah, although none of you idiots really got it right. Religion, that is. Except for one group in Japan, they came pretty close actually. They’re all dead now though.”

“So I’m dead, and you’re God.”


“Soooo.. What now?”

“Now we wait.”

“For… what exactly?”

“Nothing. But your wife certainly wants you back, I think you might actually make it. Out of this whole death thing, that is.”

“You mean I’m not dead?”

‘Well you are dead, but you might come back. Looks like it might be pretty soon too if you do.”

“Well, I would appreciate it if you could send me back. I have a family you know, I would very much like to be with them for a bit longer.”

“I can’t send you back.”

“What do you mean you can’t send me back, you’re God?”

“I don’t decide those things. Life and death. You know how busy I would be if I had a say in all that kind of stuff?”

“You mean, you don’t control anything.”

“No not really, you humans on Earth have much more power over life and death than I do. See look,” God pointed up at the ceiling.  “Seems like they’re bringing you back now.”

“You mean I’m not dying?”

“Nope, here take this,” God held out a white pill and a cup of water.

“What’s it for?”

“Just take it, it’ll help you when you go back.” I took the pill, popped it into my mouth, and washed it down with the water. “Well, you’re going back. See you soon Jaime.”


“Well, not soon according to your perspective of time. But soon.” My vision started to get a bit hazy, and everything started to fade to black.

My eyes felt extremely heavy, but I slowly pulled them open and there was my wife. She was staring down at me with her eyes welled up with tears. My two kids at the foot of the bed were silently looking at me intently. My wife wrapped her arms around me, and kids came around the other side of the bed to embrace me as well.

A few hours passed and my wife turned to me, her eyes still pink from crying. “Did you see anything? You know, when you were gone?” she asked.

“No.. nothing,” I whispered,  “just, black.”



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