The Siren

You ever wonder why there are more stories in folklore about mermaids than mermen? It’s because there is no such thing as mermen. Mermaids, however, do exist, just not in the way that they are depicted in the media and fairy tales. Many sailors and explorers told stories of seeing mermaids, or some people would call them sirens. The way that sirens were described was a much more accurate description these mysterious creatures. They were beautiful women, with long hair that draped over their bodies that matched the bright scaly neon colors of their tails. According to the sailors, these sirens would lure men with their beautiful voices, their songs were said to put you in a trance that was almost impossible to resist. The songs would lure these men to them, and the men, once they were lured were never seen again. Of course, the stories of sirens now are extremely rare for a few different reasons. One, because nobody really lives an encounter with a siren. And two, if you did live to tell the tale, you would be seen as crazy anyway.

In a small coastal town in Maine, Adrian tossed and turned in his bed as the birds chirped outside his window. The sun not quite visible yet, but the sky was starting to turn to a lighter shade as the moon started to disappear. “Ugghh..” Adrain groaned, “Screw it, I guess I’m not sleeping tonight.” Adrian flung the pillow off his face and kicked his feet off the side of the bed. He figured if he wasn’t going to be getting any sleep, he might as well at least do something with his time. He pushed out the back door onto his dock, which extended over the water to where his small boat was tied down. He jumped from the dock and his bare feet sunk into the sand below him. The rhythmic tide pushing and pulling over the beach sent salty mists of water onto his lips.

Adrian dragged his feet through the sand as he walked along the coast, small crabs flittering around as he passed by them. He looked out to the vast ocean, the sun just starting to peek above the water, glimmering in the lapping waves. Adrian closed his restless eyes, and just listened to the sounds around him. The birds cawing and chirping, the waves wafting over the beach, the crabs skittering about around his feet, and a sound that seemed very distant that was unlike anything he had ever heard. The sound was reminiscent of a woman singing, almost as if it was echoing through the pews of a church. Adrian opened his eyes and looked around to try and locate the origin of the sound. This woman singing grew louder, and clearer with each step he took. The words started to become discernible as he followed the singing, but Adrian could not understand the language. Whatever the song was, it was in a language that sounded extremely foreign to him, that didn’t sound remotely familiar to any of the languages he has heard. Yet, at the same time, it was the most beautiful song he has ever heard, and he had to find out who it was that was singing.

As Adrian searched along the beach while following the song, he could make out a figure in the distance. A woman, a nude woman with her back turned to him was sitting at the edge of the coast. The water wafting over her waist, hiding her legs. Adrian picked up his feet a bit faster to meet this woman, as he got closer he could see her hair which shone in the sun a bright yellow blonde, unlike anything he has ever seen before. He could feel the woman’s voice, resonating through his body, pulling him towards her, almost as if he was being hypnotized. The woman continued to sing as Adrian approached her. What seemed like hours to Adrian, he finally was close enough to touch her. Her bare back and hair were almost as mesmerizing as her voice was. She was the most perfect looking woman Adrian had ever seen. He didn’t even realize the chilling sensation of his legs in the water as he approached her. The woman stopped singing and looked over her shoulder at him.

Adrian struggled and stuttered to try and clear his voice before talking,“Y- your voice, it’s intoxicating.”

She smirked and looked into his eyes, “Thank you,” She responded.

“May.. may I ask for your name?”



“Nice to meet you, Adrian. Can I ask something of you?”

“Sure, anything.”

Sela reached back and gripped Adrian’s shorts, yanking him down to his knees into the water next to her. “I need something of yours, for my daughters.”

“And what would that be?”

“Your spawn.” Sela then opened her mouth wide, placed her other hand around the back of his head and forced her face to his. She opened her mouth wide and released a screech so loud that Adrian’s ear drums popped instantly, and blood poured from his ears. Adrian struggled to get away but his face was suddenly shoved into the water. Sela’s yellow tail emerged from the water and wrapped around Adrian’s body like a snake and squeezed his limbs tight to his body. Unable to even struggle as his body was being constricted, and his face being shoved into the water, eventually his body went limp. Then he was dragged out into the ocean.

A week later, after friends and family were looking for Adrian, he was found washed up on the beach one evening by a jogging couple. When they found him, he was naked. His arms and legs were contorted in directions that they should not have been able to bend unless his joints were shattered. And between his thighs where something should have been, was nothing but a bloody crater, that looked as if it was carved out cleanly with a knife.


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