Firm hands gripped my wrists as I tried to squirm out of the chair. My forearms were belted down to the arm rests on the side of the chair as I screamed. The two men in masks tried to hold my torso down as I squirmed and wriggled my torso. I screamed at the top of my lungs hoping somebody would stop them. I could feel my heart hammering against the inside of my ribcage. I couldn’t believe this was happening again, taken against my will again, this was not something that I wanted.

“We’re going to have to sedate her this time again,” one of the men said.

“Mallory, this is going to be much easier for you, and us if you’re relaxed. You’re only going to cause yourself more pain.”

I screamed as tears welled in my eyes. I refused to let them touch me again without a fight. I was sick of allowing these men to violate my body over and over again. Year after year they have been haunting my dreams. They refused to leave me alone like a festering sore throat that refused to go away. As I continued to scream an object was placed over my mouth, muffling my screams. I felt my eyes getting heavy and before I knew it my body relaxed, I couldn’t fight anymore, I couldn’t scream, and everything went dark.

I awoke to a bright light in my eyes, I still couldn’t move and I could feel my mouth was being held open by some metallic object. My vision was hazy but I could feel something probing into my body. My tongue refused to move but there was something moving around in my mouth. I felt like I wanted to gag, but I couldn’t. I wanted to scream, but I couldn’t. I wanted to fight, and bite down on what was in my body, but I couldn’t. My hazy vision caught a glimpse of one of the masked men before my eyes failed me again and everything went dark.

“Ah, Mallory you’re awake now.” A voice echoed as I pressed my palms into my eyes. “Would you like to see? Smile nice and wide.” A mirror was held in front of my face by the man. I clenched my jaw and revealed my teeth. They were gone.

“No more braces. You have a bit of staining on your teeth from wearing them for so long, but that’s nothing that some treatment can’t fix.”

“Dr. Lawson. Thank you so much. I can’t thank you enough for putting up with my anxiety and my fear.”

“No problem Mallory, trust me you aren’t the only patient that I have that has odontophobia. Plus, you’re actually one of the easy ones. Well, go on. Your parents are waiting to see your new smile in the waiting room.”


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